Friday, February 13, 2009

Improving Star Wars, one leg at a time

The following is an enormous list of the best lines of dialog from Star Wars, in which a word has been replaced with the word "pants."

It's brilliant

(via Kottke)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Why Stop?

Holy shit. I mean, wow. Just wow. Seriously.


Actually, this is pretty brilliant. Sure, there might be some people who take this seriously, but these people are going to clean up based on the camp value.

I just wish they had an affiliate program.

(via Warren Ellis)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Christian Bale's Freakout Remix

This is utterly brilliant! I can't stop listening to it!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


In honor of this momentous occasion in our nation!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Monday, November 17, 2008

To Boldly Go...

I've always been a marginal fan of Star Trek. I've not been a diehard fan who's seen every episode and know every minute detail of the series (I reserve that part of my brain for Star Wars). But I did watch most of the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine series - and I've certainly enjoyed it over the years.

And, frankly, with JJ Abrams' involvement, I'm actually really looking forward to the new Star Trek movie. (Not to mention, the always awesome Simon Pegg as Scotty)

So, now the new Star Trek trailer is online in high definition and, I'll have to watch it again, because while it certainly looks pretty cool, I have no flipping clue as to what's going on.

And without even seeing the movie, the little kid playing very young Kirk annoys me already.

But, yeah, I still want to see this.

Oh, and you know how I said that I don't get mired down in the minutia of Star Trek? I'm a liar. My first reaction to seeing this trailer was:

"Are you fucking kidding me? They're building the Enterprise ON Earth? There's no way a ship of that design could ever leave Earth's atmosphere! It would immediately crash on ignition! It's not designed to fly straight up in the air and there are NO WHEELS for it propel along the ground until it achieves lift! A ship like that has to be built IN SPACE!"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Merchandise

So, I've been playing around with some new and old designs and trying out a few new aspects of the online t-shirt world.

First of all, EXCLAIM!wear is branching out to Zazzle. Now, we're not leaving CafePress, by any means, but there are a few things that Zazzle does differently and they have a few products that CP doesn't offer. Plus, they have the official licencing deal with:

Star Wars!

Yeah, I geeked out a little bit there, too. It's okay. But, I've also added a few of my own designs on there. The EXCLAIM!wear shop is a little light right now, but we do have a revised version of the ever popular Warning: Fast Moving Zombies design. You'll notice that the font is a bit more... zombie like. And this version is only available at Zazzle. You'll notice that they also have a rather extensive line of shirts to choose from - and they make it really easy to find the right shirt for you (or your loved one).

But, like I said, we haven't forsaken CafePress. Especially since they now have a special partnership with Pure Digital Technologies to offer their Flip Mino and Flip MinoHD palm-sized camcorders. These things are awesome, and to do out part, we've added some designs of our own for the Flip:

We'll be adding more Flip Mino designs at CafePress and adding some new stuff at Zazzle, too... like Skateboards!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

I Want My

Finally, MTV is all about the music again. Clearly taking a page from, MTV now has, pretty much, any music video you can think of. And none of the obnoxious programming they now have on constant rotation on the network.

UPDATE: There are, actually, some pretty big gaps of missing videos for some popular artists. Also, the actual broadcast quality leaves a bit to be desired. But the site is fairly new, so maybe it will get better with time.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Shuffle on the Tundra

For as long as I've remembered, I've loved this song. And, yet, it's been YEARS since I last heard it.

And it still holds up.

Definitely my favorite Chilly Willy cartoon.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I am super excited to finally unveil my latest website. Your one-stop shop for all your zombie needs! We got zombie-themed tshirts! We got popular zombie movies! We got the essential zombie books and graphic novels! And the "I love turtles" zombie-kid! It all there! Check it out!

Fast Moving Zombies